HF/RF turntable welding machine For welding of heel pads onto automotive floor carpets The turntable with its fast movement offers the shortest cycle time within our machine range. For automation turntables with 3 or 4 tables are available aswell.

Automated clip insertion

This unique feature of our carpet welding machines allows a semi or fully automated assembly of the clips in the car carpet. One working station can be saved as welding and clip assembly is done in one combined machine. Detection and surveillance systems are installed for quality monitoring and will alert you if a part is missing or placed incorrectly.


Impulse inline welding machine For non PVC film not weldable with high frequency impulse welders are used. This inlinie machine combines different welding sets welding, automatic feeding of connectors and punching. The material is transported through the machine by an index drive.


RF / HF double slidingtable welding machine The most versatile machine of our program for welding of a wide variety of products – medical bags, automotive parts, packaging, etc. Fast table movement, high press force, bridge press with massive center guide column for high quality products and high volume.


RF / HF Inline welding machine Inline welders are used to produce finished products from the film roll. Beside the welding station other stations like punching stations, hot printing stations, card board feeders and strip off units can be fitted.


Over-under shuttletable welding machine with electric spindle drive. Welding polyurethane or PVC parts. The over- under shuttle allows a quick change of the two table and keeps the welding station busy achieving a high output. The machine is welding while the operator is loading the table.


HF / RF sunvisor welding machine This machine is especially designed for welding of sun visors. High press force, exceptional plane parallelism and very sensitive electrode protection allow burr-free tearseals. Size is made to weld one pair (left / right) of sun visor at one shot.


Over-under shuttletable heel pad welding machine This machine offers high productivity and compact dimensions for welding of heel pads on car carpets. The two tables running on different levels allow to load one table while the other is welded. The modular machine concept offers a wide varity of weldings – left hand drive and right had drive carpets aswell as heel mats, toe pads (footrest) and scuff pads.


HF/RF single sliding table welding machine Universal welding machine with 1200 x 800 mm platen size.