Spare parts

Machinery must work! This is why we always keep important spare parts in stock. In the high frequency sector in particular, special components such as tubes, capacitors, resistors and switch electronics are available from us on demand. This applies equally to our own machines and to the HF generators of many other manufacturers. We also supply consumables such as substrates and Teflon coated glass silk in small quantities and with favourable conditions. Just ask us.

To obtain an initial overview of the spare parts we offer, you can download our Spare parts catalogue as a PDF.

If you have any queries regarding prices, please use our contact form.

Our tip:

When replacing the tubes, ensure that the flat connecting cord and coils in the tube chamber are not modified. Otherwise, the operating values may be changed.

In order to increase the service life of the tubes, they should be run in while in no-load operation and the operating values should be checked.