Used machinery market

In addition to new welding machines, we can also offer a wide variety of interesting used machinery, some of which has been refurbished in our factory or has been procured on behalf of a customer. For further information, please click on the relevant link.

Would you like to sell a plastic welding machine yourself and avail of our international marketplace which operates in German and English? No problem – send us the data for the machine you wish to sell.

1.2 HFT RF-over-under-shuttletable weldingmachine

Type: HFT 20 to. press
Generator: Herfurth HG25.000S
Output: 25 kW
Table size: 850 x 850 mm
Year: 1992
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1.4 Kiefel KH2000 RF double slidingtable welding machine

Type: Kiefel KH2000
Generator: Kiefel G12.000Sc
Output: 12 kW
Table size: 800 x 600 mm
Condition: second hand
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1.5 Schirmacher RF double slidingtable welding machine B2000-2SM

Type: B2000-2SM
Generator: HS10.000
RF output: 10 kW
Table plate: 750 x 550 mm
Press force: approx.2000 kg
Build: 2003, refurbished
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1.6 HF tarpaulin welding machine

Type: Schirmacher PSM100S
Generator: Herfurth HG1500S
RF output: 1,5 kW
Electrode holder: 1200 mm
Press force: approx.300 kg
Condition: 2nd hand
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1.7 HF carpet welding machine Kiefel KHHP4

Type: Kiefel KHHP4
Generator: Kiefel G1600Sd-D
RF output: 16 kW
Table size: 2400×1850 mm
Press force: approx.4000 kg
Year: 1997
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1.8 Heatimpulse welding unit

Type: Schirmacher
Generator: Impulse
Weld length 1200 mm
Weld width: 10 mm
Press force: 2000 kg
Condition: Build 2016, not much used
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1.9 RF generator Herfurth HG300

Type: Herfurth HG300
RF output approx. 300 W
Frequency 27,12 MHz
Mains: 220V – 50 Hz
Condition: repaired
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1.11 RF generator Herfurth HG2500SF

Type: Herfurth HG2500SF
RF output approx. 2500 W
Frequency 27,12 MHz
Mains: 3x 400V - 50 Hz
Condition: used
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Subject to correction and prior sale. Prices on inquire. Available pictures may show not the current machine condition. All machines can be inspectet on site. A refurbishment can be offered for all machines.

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